Substance Use Resources

Resource Poster-Resources for Families-Substance Use and Supporting Youth-NLHS- March 2024.pdf
DECYDE-CANNABIS- Facts and Harm Reduction Tips.pdf
DECYDE-STIMULANTS- Facts and Harm Reduction Tips.pdf
DECYDE-DEPRESSANT Facts and Harm Reduction Tips.pdf
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Helpful Links

DECYDE (Drug Education Centered on Youth Decision Empowerment): Are you looking for recent, accurate information on youth substance use and harm reduction tips to help keep youth safe? If so, please click on the link below which will take you to the DECYDE website where you can learn more about specific drugs, and how to support youth. Check out the Knowledge Corner for digital/printable resources on youth substance use.

Drug Free Kids Canada

Drug Free Kids Canada aims to ensure that all young people will be able to live their lives free of problematic substance use and addiction. Through education, engagement and empowerment, Drug Free Kids Canada supports parents/caregivers and families to prevent and reduce the harms of problematic drug use by youth.

·       Are you a parent or caregiver interested in learning more on youth substance use? Tuesday, March 26th at 6pm EST, Drug Free Kids Canada will host a webinar for parents/caregivers to help them gain insights into youth substance use and practical tools for talking with youth. Go to the link below to register for free:

·       Are you looking for immediate support/information for a child or youth using substances? Drug Free Kids Canada and TELUS Health offers free online support service 24/7 for anyone worried about the use of substances by a young person in their life. Go to link below to access 24/7 live chat and telephone number (1 866 381-1511)

Health Canada-Youth Vaping-Tip Sheet for Parents.pdf